Yunnan Handicrafts Tour

Yunnan has 25 different ethnic groups of people,who were supposed to be backward, and many of them were in the slave society before 1949. The great rivers and mountains blocked the exchange of the people in the old days too. All these make Yunnan the most beautiful province in China today ,where people still see beautiful nature and traditional culture. On the tour we are going to see their different cultures,especially their handicrafts.

Day 1 – Arrive in Kunming, city tour

Day 2 – Yunnan Minority Museum in the morning, Kunming Inside Painting Institute in the afternoon.

Day 3 – Kunming to Dali by bus along the new Burma Road. Visit Lufeng Dinosaur Site en route.

Day 4 – Visit Dali marble factory. Zhou cheng Bai people village for traditional weaving, tie-die batik. Xizhou Jiama Paper.

Day 5 – Dali to Heqing. Xinhua Village for silver and copper handicrafts making . Paper making by hands in traditional way. Yi people’s fire grass fabric clothing.

Day 6 – Lijiang old town, a world heritage site. Dongba Culture Museum. Jade Dragon Snow Mt. and Naxi people village.

Day 7 – Lijiang to Zhongdian(Shangri-la) on Eastern Tibet Plateau. Tiger Leaping Gorge and yi village on the way.

Day 8 – Zhongdian. Napa Lake and Tibetan villages. Pottery making. Wood bowl making by hands.

Day 9 – Zhongdian to Jianchuan. Wood carving. Pottery. Shibao Grottoes 1200 years old.

Day 10 – Jianchuan to Lujiang town by Salween River to the South.

Day 11 – Lujiang to Tengchong by Burmese border. Diantan village for farmer painting, puppet making.

Day 12 – Volcano Park. Yinxing village. Go to Mangshi in the afternoon. Bamboo Weaving in the afternoon.

Day 13 – Mangshi to Fengping town for Dai paper cutting and textile. Santaishan De’an village for Shuigu Dance. Zhefang for Dai weaving.

Day 14 – Fly Mangshi for Kunming, connecting your flight home.