The Great Wall and the Yellow River Tour

The Yellow River is the cradle of Chinese civilization and culture; most of the Chinese feudal dynasties had their capital along or near the river. The Great Wall is taken as the spiritual icon of the Chinese. We will see many highlights of the Yellow River and the Great Wall on the tour.

Day 1 – Arrive in Beijing.

Day 2 – Mutianyu Great Wall, the most picturesque section of the Great Wall. Jinshanling Great Wall, the best preserved part of the Ming Great Wall.

Day 3 – Beijing to Datong in Shanxi province. Yungang Grotto, a world heritage site, and one of the best in China, construction begun in the 4th century. Nine Dragon Wall.

Day 4 – Hengshan Mountain. one of the five sacred Buddhist mountains in China.

Day 5 – Wood pagoda in Yingxian city built in the 10th century, the biggest and the oldest wood structure in the world. Datong to Huhehaot in Inner Mongolia.

Day 6 – Huhehaot city to Yulin in Shanxi province. Dazhao Temple in Huhehaot in the morning. In Yulin county, we can see the Great walls from Wei & Jin (220 CE-439 CE) dynasty, Sui (581 CE-618 CE) and Ming (1368 CE-1644 CE) dynasties. [NOTE: AD=Anno Domini, Latin for “year of our Lord,” is Christian in meaning so most people now prefer CE=Common Era]

Day 7 – Yulin to Zhongwei. Yellow River Bridge, Shapotou Park along the river and the sand dune at Tenggeli Desert.

Day 8 – Zhongwei to Lanzhou, the capital of Gansu province. Waterfront of Yellow River in the city.

Day 9 – One-day tour to Yongjing. Liujiaxia power station. Cruise on the Three Gorges of Yellow River. Binglingsi Grotto. Dinosaur footprint museum.

Day 10 – Lanzhou to Jiayuguan by bullet train. Zhangye National Geo-park on the way.

Day 11 – Wei & Jin tombs with brick paintings. Jiayuguan Fort, the Western end of the Ming Great Wall.

Day 12 – Fly to Beijing and trip ends.