The Festival of water and Gods 2019

In south Yunnan, many groups of people are animists in remote areas, worshipping all kinds of nature things. Water is also very important in their culture so they have water splashing in their festivals.

April 5 – Arrive in Kunming, city tour.

April 6 – Kunming to Pu’er city, the hometown of Pu’er Tea. Visit the park of tropic of cancer in Mojiang city on the way.

April 7 – Hulu(gourd) Festival of Lahu people, worshipping Lahu people’s ancestor –Hulu. Go to Lancang city in the afternoon, join local people for Hulu Festival.

April 8 – Lancang to Cangyuan. Wengding Wa people’s village. Guangyun Temple, a good example of Hynayana Buddism, rich collection of buildings, paintings and cultures of local Dai people.See the rock painting 3000 years old.

April 9 – Cangyuan to Ximeng. Yuesong town on boarder of Burma.

April 10 – Ximeng Mugu(Wood Drum) Festival ( worshipping Wa people’s ancestor- Mugu) of Wa people. Go to Menglian in the afternoon.

April 11 – Fish God Festival of Dai people, commemorating the Fish God, who brought rice seed to Dai people. Visit Xuanwei Dai people’ s old chief office. Go to Huimin town in the afternoon.

April 12 – Visit Huimin old tea tree garden, the biggest of its kind, and the museum of tea trees. Local Bulang and Dai people has been growing tea for many generations. Go to Jinghong city in the afternoon.

April 13 – Water Splashing Festival (New Year for Dai people) of Dai people, the new year of the Dai Calendar. Dai people go to temples for praying and cleaning the images of the Buddha. They also splash water to each other as blessing to each other.

April 14 – Drive to Bulang people mountain for their water Splashing Festival. Then go to Ning’er city for the Tea Culture Festival.

April 15 – Drive to Gengma city for its Water Culture Festival (Water Splashing Festival). Visit Jinggu Menwo Temple and Qiannuo Temple on the way.

April 16 – Gengma to Yunxian, visit a beer factory. Then go to Fengqing city, visit the Confusion Temple and a tea factory.

April 17 – Fengqing to Weishan old town, crossing the Mekong River. Visit Manwan power station on the way, one of the biggest in China..

April 18 – Weishan city. Ancestor Festival of local Yi people, commemorating the first king of Nanzhao Kingom Of 1300 years ago..

April 19 – Weishan to Dali. Visit Donglianhua Hui Village. Dali old Town. Big Stone Temple.

April 20 – Cruise on Erhai Lake, the second biggest lake in Yunnan with an area of 200 square kilometers, see local people fishing with cormorants. Hike in Cangshan Mountain and visit a marble factory.

April 21 – March Fair Festival of Bai people with a history of 1200 years. At the festival, people from all parts of the province come to do business,have exercises like horse race,singing and dancing,ethnic sports.

April 22 – Dali to Kunming for home and trip ends.