The festival Tour in Spring in Yunnan 2019

Mar 5 – Arrive in Kunming; city tour to see flowers in parks.

Mar 6 – Yuantong park; Yuantong Temple; and Golden Temple. Go to Stone Forest in the afternoon and visit.

Mar 7 – Stone Forest to Yongning; an old village of yi people which is more than 1000 years old. See traditional houses of local people, and take part in their Hunter Festival.

Mar 08 – Yongning to Hongwang Village of Mile city; and stop for the temple fair of Luchong village by Fuxian Lake.

Mar 09 – The Fire Festival of Yi people; a carnival of local people worshipping fire. Go to Luoping in the afternoon for the Singing Festival of local local Buyi and Shui people, offering a chance for young people to know each other. Enjoy the mustard flower sea in the lime stone hills, a view you will never forget.

Mar 10 – Visit Nine Dragon Waterfalls; the most beautiful one in China. Shiwang Mountains; Go to Liyuan(Pear) village in Dali, enjoy the pear flower and local Dragon King temple; Cibi Lake.

Mar 11 – Drive to Jianchuan city for the Prince Festival; a local festival with 1000 year history, to memorize the Buddha.

Mar 12 – Jianchuan Stone Treasure Mountain with old Buddhist grottos; Shaxi old village; Go to Tacheng town in the afternoon.

Mar 13 – Tacheng to Weixi; visit Baima Snow mountain in the morning, see golden monkeys in the nature reserve.

Mar 14 – Anikeshi Festival of local Lisu people; memorising an ancient hero of Lisu people. Cizhong village with nice churches, and Mekong River Valley.

Mar 15 – Weixi(Yezhi) to Bingzhongluo town by crossing the Mekong river, getting into the Salween River Valley. Visit Shuangla village by the river.

Mar 16 – Taohua(peach) Flower Festival in Bingzhongluo. Drive along Salween River Valley down to Fugong city.

Mar 17 – Fugong to mangshi city; visit Zhiziluo village to see the gorges, zip lines for local people crossing the river.

Mar 18 – Aluwoluo Festival of local Achang people.

Mar 19 – Fly to Kunming in the morning; connecting flight home; trip ends.