Spring Festival with Chinese 2019

The Spring festival is the greatest festival of the Chinese, and the new year on Chinese lunar calendar.In different parts of China,people may celebrate the festival in different ways. On the tour,we will join some of the ethnic people in Yunnan for the festival, which is the best way to understand their rich and colorful culture.

Feb 06 – Arrive in Kunming, city tour

Feb 07 – Kunming to Shuangbai in Chuxiong. Lufeng Dinosaur fossils on the way with 110 full body Dino fossils of more than 20 species. Enjoy wonderful countryside views.

Feb 08 – Tiger Festival of Yi people. Tigers are the totem of Yi people in China, and At the festival, people dressed up like tigers and dancing, celebrating Yi People’s Spring Festival with their ancestor-tigers.

Feb 09 – Drive to Fuming (or Shizong Gailiang town,Luquan) Miao (Meng)villages, enjoying Huashan Festival of Miao. Miao people dressed up singing and dancing, climing up the posts with bear foot and hands, a way of memorizing their ancestors who died in different battles in ancient time.

Feb 10 – Chenggong town for Huadeng opera of Han Chinese.

Feb 11 – Huajie Festival ( offering a chance for young people to know each other) of Dai people at Nanuo town in Yuanjiang, and their beautiful terrace fields.

Feb 12 – Yuanjiang to Weishan in Dali.

Feb 13 – Weishan Songhua Festival (buring insence and praying in Yuanjue Temple and Longhua Temple), and Dragon Lantern Festival (celebrating Emperor Yuhuang’s birthday) at Nanjian.

Feb 14 – Jizushan Temple Fair in Binchuan City. Jizushan is one of the 5 sacred Buddhist mountains in China. On the Spring Festival days, people from all over the province, including Tibet and some Asian countries come to pray for the better new year.

Feb 15 – Join the local people for the fair, see their exercises, enjoy the wonderful views on top of the mountain.

Feb 16 – Jizushan to Tengchong city, enjoy the wool tree flowers in Salween River valley, and the rape seed flower in the fields.

Feb 17 – Visit Tengchong. Volcano Geo-park. Heshun old town by the famous “Stilwell Road “..

Feb 18 – Tengchong to Longchuan city. Visit Santaishan De’an village for the Shaobaichai Festival, which local people burning white woods for warming the Buddha up in winter.

Feb 19 – Munaozongge Festival of Jingpo people. At the festival all Jingpo people are dressed up to meet at the village square, singing and dancing for the whole day, following the route their ancestors traveling to where they are living now.

Feb 20 – Longchuan to Mangshi on the Burma Road built in WW2, once the only road for Chinese to get the support from other countries during the war, and fly to Kunming.

Mar 21 – Leaving Kunming for home and trip ends.