Silk Road By Bullet Train

The bullet train allows people to see more of the Silk Road in short time comfortably. On the tour we will also visit some big towns on the Silk Road in history around the Taklamagan Desert, where the explorers found many ruins in early 20th century. To ride through one of the biggest deserts in the world is really something to experience in life.

Day 1 – Arrive in Beijing, transfer to hotel.

Day 2 – Fly to Lanzhou in the morning. City tour in the afternoon, statues, bridges, white pagoda, sheep skin rafts along the Yellow River.

Day 3 – Fast train Lanzhou to Jiayuguang in the morning for 5 hours. Wei & Jin tombs with brick paintings in the afternoon.

Day 4 – Jiayuguang Fort in the morning. Fast train for 2 hours to Liuyuan town, then drive 3 hours to Dunhuang on bus in the afternoon.

Day 5 – Mogao Grottoes, Sand Dune and Moon Shaped Lake.

Day 6 – Bus to Liuyuan, then fast train for 4 hours to Turpanin the afternoon.

Day 7 – Karez museum. Toyuk Valley. Jiaohe Ruins. 1hour’s ride on fast train Turpan to Urumqi in the late afternoon.

Day 8 – Xinjiang Museum in the morning. fly to Kashgar after lunch. City tour in Kashgar in the afternoon. Old town.

Day 9 – Livestock Market in the morning. Drive to Shache in the afternoon. Knife workshop in Yingjisha town on the way. Yingjisha hand-made knifes are among the best in China. Shache old town and Jiaman Mosque.

Day 10 – Shache to Hotan. The King Mausoleum, carpet workshop in the morning in Shache. Hotan River and jade workshop in the afternoon. Hotan jade has been famous in China since 3000 years ago.

Day 11 – Hotan. Camel ride in the desert and visit a buddhist temple. Silk factory. Hotan market.

Day 12 – Hotan to Minfeng town. Yutian town on the way. Minfeng museum with exhibits from Niya and Andeal Ruins in the desert nearby.

Day 13 – Minfeng to Luntai. Crossing the Taklamagan Desert south to north by bus. Hu Yang(diversiform-leaved poplar) forest on the way.

Day 14 – Luntai to Kuche. Qiuci ancient town. Tianshan Gorge. Kazel Grottoes.

Day 15 – Fly to Urumqi, connecting flight to Beijing.