Photography tour in winter

Yunnan is known as the “photographer paradise” in China, due to its beautiful nature of great mountains and river gorges, and the 25 different ethnic groups living here. On the tour, you will enjoy many top photographer destinations in China, along with the colourful culture of the ethnic groups in Yunnan.

Day 1 – Arrive in Kunming, city tour

Day 2 – Green Lake with hundreds and thousands of Siberian seagulls wintering in Kunming, Tanhuasi Temple which is the best place to shoot flowers in Kunming, cheery, begonia, magnolia, pomergranate…

Day 3 – Kunming-Dongchuan. Grand View Park by Dianchi Lake, the biggest lake in Yunnan. Drive to Dongchuan in the afternoon. Sun set at Luoxiagou.

Day 4 – Dongchuan-Yuanmou. Sun rise at Damakan. Shooting around Huagou Village, the red soil villages, and the different crops make colorful views, thus the name of “the palette dropped by God”. Drive to Yuanmou in the afternoon. Sun set at Sand Stone Forest.

Day 5 – Sun rise shooting. Enjoy the Sand Stone Forest and the local villages. Yuanmou Apeman Museum in the afternoon, the earliest apeman has been found in Asia presently..

Day 6 – Yuanmou to Luoping. Luoping is the hometown of many ethnic groups like Shui,Buyi,and Zhuang. Nine Dragon Water Fall, one of the most beautiful in China.

Day 7 – Luoping Shiwan Dashan, mustard flower fields, the most beautiful of its kind in China.

Day 8 – Luoping to Puzhehei. Yi, Miao people’s villages and the beautiful land scape.

Day 9 – Puzhehei to Jianshui. visit Mengzi City on the way, Mengzi was the first town open to the western countries in Yunnan after the narrow gaged rail built by the French in early 20th century. Nanhu Lake and old buildings around.

Day 10 – Jianshui old town. Tuanshan Village. Shuanglong Bridge. The Confusion Temple, the second biggest in China. West gate street where people making tofu. Old water wells in the town. Chaoyang Gate with a history of 600 years.

Day 11 – Jianshui to yuanyang; a world heritage site with 1000 year old terrace fields, the most beautiful and the largest in the world. Hani, Yi villages and local farmers’ markets.

Day 12 – Yuanyang Terraces and the villages in the day.

Day 13 – Yuanyang to Kunming. Tak Village with wonderful peach flowers on the way.

Day 14 – Leave Kunming and trip ends.