Photography tour in Autumn

Autumn is so colourful in southwest china. On the tour, we will be on the so-called the “most beautiful national road in China” (Sichuan- Tibet Road), also a section of “the most mysterious Road (Yunnan-Tibet Road) for the beautiful nature and culture.

Day 1 – Arrive in Chengdu, city tour, see local people’s daily lives by walking on the street, visit tea houses. Sichuan Opera show in the evening.

Day 2 – Chengdu to Lixian County. Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Center in the morning, the biggest in China with 80 Giant Pandas at different ages.Mengtunhe Valley for fall leaves and waterfalls.

Day 3 – Lixian to Markang county. shooting red leaves and Tibtan, Qiang people’s villages at Miyaluo area. Miyaluo is supposed to be the best area to see the fall (red) leaves in China.

Day 4 – Markang to Heishui county. On the way, we will see beautiful views with fall leaves and local farmers houses in the woods.

Day 5 – Hishui to Danba. Shooting wonderful Autumn views on the way, Jinchuan pear tree leaves.

Day 6 – Danba. Zhonglu, Jiaju Tibetan villages, watch towers, and snow mountains.

Day 7 – Danba to Xinduqiao, a paradise for photographers in China. Tagong and Bamei Towns with Tibetan cultures, Yala Snow Mountian.

Day 8 – Xinduqiao to Litang. Shooting in the morning. drive to Litang in the afternoon, Baita Monastery.

Day 9 – Litang to Derong. Haizi Mountain with hundreds of glacier lakes and snow mountains around. Heixiong Valley. white Tibetan houses in Xiangcheng.

Day 10 – Derong to Deqin. Baima Snow Mountain which is the hometown of the golden monkey.; Jinshajiang Rive bend. Wunongding view point to see Meili Snow Mountain.

Day 11 – Deqin. Shooting sun rise at Meili. Meili is the highest peak in Yunnan, the elevation of the peak is 6740 meters. Mekong River Gorge. Mingyong Glacier.

Day 12 – Deqin to Shangri-la. Nixi village for black pottery making. Napa Lake and Tibetan villages, Napa Lake is the place to see water birds, including the black-necked cranes.

Day 13 – Shangri-la-Kunming. Songzanglin Monastery. Euphorbia fisheriana flower at Xioazhongdian. Fly Shangri-la to Kunming in the afternoon.

Day 14 – Leave Kunming; trip ends.