The Harvest Festival Tour in 2019

In South China, many groups of people will celebrate the harvest by holding different kinds of festivals and activities. On this tour we are joining the Bai, Muoso and Tibetan people in Yunnan province for their harvest festivals.

Aug 20 – Arrive in Kunming.

Aug 21 – Kunming to Dali. Visit Lufeng Dino site on the way, one of the best of its kind in China. Dali old town with a history of 600 years.

Aug 22 – Big Stone Temple in the morning. Hiking on Cangshan Mountain which is the off shoot of Himalaya. Then to Eryuan for the Sea Lantern Festival; worshipping village Gods, local Bai people will release lanterns in the Cibi Lake for good luck.

Aug 23 – Joying local people for the festival, chanting, singing and dancing in the temple. Drive to Xizhou Old Town for Free Captive Fish Festival, at which local fishermen offering sacrifices and free captive fish for merits.

Aug 24 – Dali to Lugu Lake in Lijiang, crossing the Yangtze River. Visit the lake and local villages.

Aug 25 – The Circumambulation Festival (worshipping Goddess Gemu) of local Tibetan and Muoso people, who come to a sacred mountain near Lugu Lake praying, having fun. Drive to Lijiang in the afternoon. Lijiang old town which is a world heritage site.

Aug 26 – Tiger Leaping Gorges. Shaxi town, which was a very important post on Tea-Horse Trade Route between Chinese and the Tibetans. Wood cutting here is also a famous handicraft in China.

Aug 27 – Jianchuan Shibaoshan Singing Festival, the lover’s day of Bai People. Going to Lanping in the afternoon.

Aug 28 – Visit Lanping lead & zinc mine, one of the biggest in the world. Then go to Caojian town along the Mekong River, enjoy the gorges and the Biluo Snow Mountain.

Aug 29 – Caojian to Zhiziluo village at the Salween River, see the gorge which is the third biggest in the world. Come to Yangbi city in the afternoon.

Aug 30 – The Walnut Festival in the morning, celebrating the harvest of walnut. Yangbi is one of the places in China growing best walnut. Shimen Pass at Cangshan mountain.

Aug 31 – Yangbi to Kunming, leave Kunming and trip ends.