Carnivals in winter 2019

Every year, many ethnic groups in Yunnan have festivals (carnivals) after the harvests of crops. It’s the best time to enjoy the harvests, and also time for young people in remote areas to gather together and know each other. On the tour, we will join them and share the happiness. More and more festival are disappearing nowadays, because more and more young people goes to work in the towns and cities.

Nov 16 – Arrive in Kunming, transfer to Stone Forest.

Nov 17 – Visit Stone Forest in the morning, a world heritage site. Then drive to Shiping town for the Tofu Festival. The Tofu from Shiping is supposed to be the best in Yunnan. Visit Zhengying old town, one of the most beautiful towns in China.

Nov 18 – Enjoy the festival activities in the morning. Drive to Yuanyang town for the Hani people’s Long Street Banquet Festival.

Nov 19 – Enjoy the festival activities, see the terraces in Yuanyang which is a world heritage site.

Nov 20 – Yuanyang to Yangjie village for local Hani’s carnival.

Nov 21 – Enjoy the festival activities in the morning. Drive to Jianshui city in the afternoon.

Nov 22 – Visit Jianshui old town which has a history of 1200 years. The second biggest Confucius temple in China. Old water wells. Purple pottery once claimed the best in China.

Nov 23 – Tuanshan village in Jianshui, one of the best preserved traditional Chinese old villages. Then to Jinping city by Red River.

Nov 24 – Jinping. The town has more than 10 different ethnic groups. Visit the villages around and the farmers’ market.

Nov 25 – Jinping Yao people’s Panwang Festival(我这儿查到的是农历三月初三). Panwang is the ancestor of Yao people,and Yao began to worship him by holding the Panwang Festival 1700 years ago with lots of exercises. Go to Yangwu town.

Nov 26 – Yi people’s Dancing Festival in the morning. The Tobacco Box Dance of Yi people came out from Yangwu,and the Yi here has a festival with singing and dancing to mark this the end of every year.Go to Gasa town in the afternoon for Dai people’s Tangguo (beef in broth) Festival.

Nov 27 – Festival activities in the morning. Drive back to Kunming in the afternoon.

Nov 28 – Leave Kunming and trip ends.