Huang Jianyong (English name, David), graduated in 1987 from Nankai University, majoring in Tourism (and?) English, and has been an English-speaking guide for visitors from all over the world ever since. David has been working with many western travel services such as Betchart Expeditions in USA, Tiger Vanilla in Switzerland, and many private groups leading tours throughout China, especially southwest China. He is also a member of the China Folklore Photographer’s Association, and has been arranging (leading?) photography tours for members all over China.

David knows his country and its people very well, and knows what Western travelers like to see in China. David and his colleagues are always eager and ready to show you around China and share their knowledge and culture.

Working as a tour operator and tour guide in China for over 30 years, David Huang has been handling hundreds of senior tours both from his country and abroad. He knows his country so well, and what his clients like. All his clients liked him so much for his patience, humor, knowledge, and hospitality.