Wonderful Sites in North China Tour

There are so many wonderful sites in Beijing and around which are very interesting and important in China, but not popular among tourists. On this tour we will show you around these areas.

Day 1 – Arrive in Beijing, transfer to hotel

Day 2 – Niujie Mosque, a treasure house of Islamic relics. Zhihua Temple, built in 1443, has the oldest Buddhist music scores in China. The Imperial College, the highest educational administration in feudal China. The Confucian Temple.

Day 3 – The ancient observatory. Prince Gong Mansion, the residence of the last Qing emperor’s father. Marco Polo Bridge. Zhoukoudian world heritage site, the home of Peking man 500,000 years ago.

Day 4 – Beijing to Shijiazhuang by bullet train, visit Zhaozhouqiao Bridge, the oldest stone bridge in the world with a 1300-year history.

Day 5 – Beijing to Chengde, a world heritage site. Visit Jinshanling Great Wall on the way.

Day 6 – Visit Chengde. The Summer resort of the emperors of the last Qing Dynasty with the best imperial gardens in China. Eight Outer Temples.

Day 7 – Chengde to Shanhaiguan, the Eastern end of the Ming Great Walls. Laolongtou underwater Great Wall.

Day 8 – Shanhaiguan to Jixiang city in Hebei province. Eastern Qing Tombs on the way, a world heritage site with 15 imperial tombs of the last Qing Dynasty.

Day 9 – Panshan Mountain, well-known in China for its beautiful landscape. Delesi Temple. Drive to Yangliuqing old town in Tianjin city, which is famous in China for its art of New Year Pictures.

Day 10 – Visit Yangliuqing in the morning, the woodblock picture workshop and museum. Wudadao Avenue in the afternoon, a “museum of the Western architecture” with more than 2000 old buildings from early 20th century. Back to Beijing in the evening.

Day 11 – Leave Beijing and trip ends.